Road (Land) transportation service

Marcan Logistics is one of the leading cargo carriers in the country having years of experience in Road Transportation Services. As experienced logistics partners we create efficient transport chains for your business. A professional service provider improves your flow of goods and in this way reduces Delivery times and costs. Whether it's a single parcel or a full truck load we make sure that consignments are delivered undamaged and on time. The wide coverage of our network enables us to provide reliable and cost effective movement of your cargo. With Marcan Logistics, you can rely on complete Documentation and Proactive Communication throughout the entire Transport. Our cordial relations with associates in the industry have enabled us to handle the cargo with utmost efficiency and deliver it safely to the destination. With our Solutions, Your products can punctually arrive at the point of sales. Marcan Logistics provides "one-stop-solution" to meet all of your Transit & logistics requirements.

However, Marcan Logistics can offer varied transport solutions to suit your exact needs and utilization of the most cost-effective means of transportation

Value Added Services in Transportation

  • Air, Sea and Road (Land) Transportation Shipments
  • Containerized Shipments (20FT,40FT,High-Cube, Fleet Container and Reefer Containers Uni-modal & Multi-Modal Shipments Transportation Service
  • Container Transportation
  • Dry bulk cargo transportation from sea port to yard
  • Liquid Bulk Cargo Transpiration
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Over size Consignments
  • Unlimited transport service
  • Bulk Cargo Shipments
  • Multi-Modal Transportation service
  • Uni-Modal Transportation service
  • Palletized Shipments
  • Over size Cargo Shipments
  • Local Distribution Operations From warehouse and ports to Regional Rolla area to many different Locations
  • Our facility is fully secured to provide the protection until distribution
  • Corporate Transportation
  • Provide an up to date overview of the shipment shipping and our status of your products around the clock. MARCAN LOGISTICS has the proven solutions to meet your requirements.
  • We believe that being transparent and communicative with our client is an essential part of our assignment and key element of our success.

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