Import & Export goods Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance forms a major part in the logistics Industry. Familiarity with ongoing changes to import and export border clearance procedures and regulations is essential. Marcan Logistics is also licensed to transit cargo through customs, completing all local formalities. We are internet connected to ALL Customs Office of Ethiopia and declarations are prepared online. As a licensed Custom House Agents, Marcan Logistics provides customs clearance import and export consignments. Appropriate inbound and outbound customs Authorizations and clearances with the proper governmental authorities.

We provide comprehensive and customized Customs Clearance/transit/ services; we handle your shipments at every stage of Customs Clearance procedures. Our highly experienced operations personnel have complete know-how of all customs laws, regulations, procedures and tariffs and are well known for their prompt and quality services.

We have the latest state of the art software to handle all your Customs Clearing documentation requirements with a comprehensive reporting system that enable us to keep up updated on the status of your shipments.

Our Customer can avail the latest and the fastest means of clearing their Consignment Import & Export. Customs and quarantine requirements through to custom tariff classification, customs regulations, customs consultancy, duty concessions and Documentation Processing. Our Customs Clearance Agents Are Experts in local Specifications, Conditions and Regulations. This on the ground knowledge allows them to handle complete administrative tasks for you swiftly and without complication. Online processing of customs declarations ensures seamless and fast customs clearance processing and completing the administration formalities using highly efficient advanced operating systems.

We aim to pre-clear import & export shipments prior to arrival, this helps us identify any potential issues well ahead of time and enables us to address such issues with plenty of contingency time to spare.

  • We conduct custom clearance/transit/ at all Ethiopian Custom approved Airports, Seaports, Dry Ports, Bonded warehouse
  • Import and export customs clearance/transit (air and ocean)
  • Representation and liaison with the Customs
  • It is our business to ensure that our clients benefit from all the special provisions made by Govt. of Ethiopia For Importing & Exporting Companies. At Ship Air , Sea and Road we are always eager to assist enterprising importers & Exporters who wish to avail these advantages, guiding them through the all of Customs Procedures involved in getting these import & Export benefits through Customs. We can assist you in preparing your import & export shipment and can clearly explain all procedures that must be followed. Our people at Ports are experts in satisfying and meeting requirements of every concerned authority. Your business has a lot of things that demand your time and attention, With our sound knowledge and vast experience in Customs Clearance/transit/, we guide you at every step of the way and ensure complete Customs Compliance. We strive to ensure that all your shipments are accorded top priority at all times.

    We handle clearance of import and export consignments by sea and air efficiently. Our customs clearing (Transit) services include advice to the clients in preparing documents related to import and export of various procedures and payments. The Custom Clearing (Transit) Services offered by us have created a remarkable reputation for the company. In our work we widely use modern customs technologies for electronic declaration Remote DTI.

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